This week on the bookish internet

  • Taylor Lorenz explains algospeak, or online writing designed to get around censoring algorithms. (Washington Post)
  • Molly Templeton reflects on a curious phenomenon that I think all of us readers have sometimes experienced: when you love a story or book no one else seems to have heard of. (Tor)
  • I think I would remember a lot more of the languages I’ve tried to study if they were more like Grant Ginder’s French teacher, Marine. (LitHub)
  • Tom Clayton recounts the amazing thing the citizens of Milton Keyne did to save their library. (Melville House)
  • Clive Thompson writes in praise of the em dash. (Creators Hub)
  • This week’s censorship news, courtesy of Book Riot)

2 thoughts on “This week on the bookish internet

  1. I LOVE that story about the library in Milton Keyne. What a great response by the community. And the Tor article is awesome, too- I read through all the comments and there are so many books mentioned in there which I have also loved! (some I thought I was the only one to have read them too). I am now promptly making a list of books to add to my TBR list, thanks to all the titles others are sharing there!

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  2. Me, too—I love a story about people saving their library. It’s really refreshing after all the other library news this last year.

    I love Molly Templeton. It seems like she has a weekly column on the Tor blog. I get that one by newsletter because it’s a great way to keep up with sff and they have some really great, insightful writers on their team. Also, they give away free books once a month.

    I laughed at your comment, though. One of the big dangers about reading posts about reading is that your TBR will only grow, never shrink. 🙂


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