This week on the bookish internet


  1. Re the bad book habits- I admit to having folded corners down, broken paperback spines and underlined favorite passages in my books before. I have quit the first two habits and would only use pencil to annotate, now. I enjoying reading in the bath- but only books I know I wouldn’t feel devastated if accidentally dropped one. The shower!? that’s a totally different scenario. No way would I ever have a book in the shower! (Your first link goes to the last one, btw)

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    1. Thanks for letting me know about the incorrect link, Jeane. I fixed it!

      I love annotating my books. I still do that in pen because pencil fades too much, too quickly for me. I do most of these things, too–although I’ve only ever broken spines on accident. As for reading in the shower? That’s nuts. Showers are quick in and out washes. When would you have time to read in there? Baths are where it’s at. On Sunday mornings, I always take a long, hot bath with a tumbler of coffee. It’s a fantastic way to start the week, even if my cats think it’s deeply wrong for me to spend that much time in water. Mogwai, the younger cat, always stays on the bath rug to keep an eye on me while I’m luxuriating. He would be a terrible life guard, but it’s the thought that counts.


  2. Ha, exactly! I can’t linger in the shower long enough to read, even if I thought it okay for book pages exposed to damp. So much water running down the drain! But a bath I don’t mind taking as long as I like.


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