This week on the bookish case

  • Alexandra Alter reports on the resurrection of Spiegel and Grau, some welcome news after the latest consolidation in big publishing. (New York Times)
  • Grace Lapointe takes a closer look at the character of Tiny Tim. (Book Riot)
  • Iceland isn’t the only country with a book-centered Christmas tradition. Jana Velo writes about Norway’s Julehefte. (Sons of Norway Magazine)
  • Emily Temple compares the British and American covers of some this year’s best books—which, every time I see these comparisons, makes me wonder why publishers do different covers for each side of the pond. (LitHub)
  • Speaking of covers: Elizabeth Connor talks about her efforts to create new covers for reissues of Octavia Butler’s books. (LitHub)
  • Elizabeth A. Harris writes in praise of Nikki Giovanni. (New York Times)

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  1. I don’t mind when books are issued with different covers- what really gets me is when the title is changed, and then sometimes I don’t know if I’ve read the book before! I read a few Octavia Butler books when I was in college- and I was always very fond of the cover art by John Jude Palencar. Looking at some of the others by various designers / artists- yeah, some of those are due for a redesign.


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