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4 thoughts on “This week on the bookish internet

  1. I like that article about children’s books that didn’t age well. I’ve had the same issue with many I read to my kids- even Curious George! when the children were younger I admit I simply skipped over offending passages’ when they were old enough to follow along it became a discussion.

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    • As an aunt, I haven’t done much reading to my nieces and nephews. But after getting dragged into some Disney sessions, I’ve discovered that movies I really liked as a kid are really problematic. For example, I completely forgot about the song in Peter Pan called “What Makes the Red Man Red?” Yikes.


  2. Interesting article about reading older books. I don’t quite follow her logic that reading a book published 15 years ago works better to keep her distracted from pandemic news, than a book published say last year or this year. But if it works for her, then I’m happy

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    • I dunno. I’ve talked to a lot of friends and family who’ve been re-reading old books and/or plan to over the holidays. I can understand the appeal of picking up a book that won’t have any surprises. Even if the book in question isn’t a re-read, there are a lot of books I’ve heard a lot about just from exposure to literature; I already know about the twists and surprises.


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