The List, 2019-2020: The Year of the Giant Asterisk

I feel like I’ve neglected my blog since, well, March. While I’ve been posting regularly, I haven’t read as much this year as I normally do. I finished 208 books between September 1, 2019 and August 31, 2020. Last year, I finished 249. The 41 books I might have read evaporated into hours spent checking Twitter for news, watching COVID-19 numbers rise and rise. I, like a lot of people I expect, thought that I would be able to turn my commute time into reading time. That clearly didn’t happen. In fact, I also spent a lot more time playing computer games with my family, to take the edge off of self-isolating for months.

So, this year is going to have a big ol’ asterisk by it to explain why my numbers and blog posts went down.

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