This fortnight on the bookish internet

  • Kelly Jensen’s report of how Phoenix librarians (like many librarians across the country) are being “asked” to become public health workers on top of everything else during the Covid crisis pisses me off in so many ways. (Book Riot)
  • Huizhong Wu shares the latest news about the current round of book removals from schools and libraries in China. (Reuters)
  • Bookish hero Sarah Kamya has started the Little Free Diverse Library Project to bring more voices to all those little free libraries, reports Claire Kirch. (Publishers Weekly)
  • Megan Garber reflects on fiction and how we seem to be living in the kind of reality a writer of alternate history might have cooked up. (The Atlantic)
  • Dylan Mulvaney explores the world of different covers for Albert Camus’ La Peste. (LitHub)
  • People are building Ramelli’s book wheel and I want one. (OpenCulture)
  • Padma Venkatraman rightly points out that a lot of classics, especially children’s classics, have problematic racial elements that we need to confront. (School Library Journal)

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