An apology for my unexpected hiatus

Hello, gentle readers!

Last Thursday, a room in my house flooded. Because there was so much water damage in that room and surrounding spaces, I experienced four days of non-stop noise that kept me from doing little more than hunkering down with my noise-canceling headphones to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I didn’t get anything productive done over the long July 4th weekend.

Thankfully, it looks like everything is fixable and I won’t be too much out of pocket. (Hurrah for insurance!) It’s going to take a while to put my house back together, but at least the really noisy parts are over. I normally don’t share personal news here, but I didn’t want people to think that I had closed up shop here at A Bookish Type without any notice.

I will resume writing book reviews tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “An apology for my unexpected hiatus

  1. You have all my sympathies! I have lived in two houses in one caravan that were subject to flooding and I know from long experience that it is seriously not funny! I hope things are as easily rectified as you expect.

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    • All the damaged stuff has been removed. I lost some flooring, some ceiling, and a bathroom vanity. It sounds bad, but everything is fixable and it could have been so much worse.

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