This week on the bookish internet

  • Cree Myles argues that, if readers really want to confront their own prejudice and racist thoughts, they should read science fiction by Black authors. (The Mary Sue)
  • Robert Zaretsky has some very important questions for his fellow literature professors who teach classic literature like Heart of Darkness when contemporary systemic racism constantly batters their students. (The American Scholar)
  • Kaila Hale-Stern reports that the Holmes estate is still annoyingly litigious about Sherlock-inspired stories that go too far—according to them—beyond Conan Doyle’s originals. (The Mary Sue)
  • Jessie Gaynor reports on one of the weirdest book binding projects I’ve ever heard of: growing mushrooms in a book about mushrooms. (LitHub)
  • Colin Marshall explains pilsa, the method used in Korea to teach students how to write. (LARB Blog)
  • I adore this defense of swearing in novels by Amy Poeppel. Swearing right is a fucking art! (LitHub)
  • The OED is looking for help from the teeming millions on the interwebz! (OED Blog)
  • Carli Spina discusses the librarians of Animal Crossing, because of course librarians will librarian in any platform. (The Mary Sue)
  • Emily Temple helps share a very important message from Michigan librarians: DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR BOOKS. (LitHub)

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