Trying to Read During Plague Time

Irving Ramsay Wiles

I have been struggling. My situation is pretty cozy compared to others’. I have a nice house, money for food, health insurance, a job that lets me work for home. I have no reason to panic, but the pure strangeness of life during coronavirus has gotten to me. I normally read on an iPad, which makes it far too easy to flip back and forth between the novel I’m reading (To Calais, in Ordinary Time, by James Meek) and Twitter. This is no fault of what I’m reading, it’s just…how can fiction compete with the dire weirdness going on in the world?

I’m hoping that I’ll adjust to the surrealness of social distancing and telecommuting soon. In the meantime, I’m sorry to say that it’s going to be difficult for me to match my usual reading pace.

Take care out there, everyone! Keep reading. I will, too.

6 thoughts on “Trying to Read During Plague Time

  1. I am completely with you. I’m feeling very fortunate to have a nice house and a job where I can telework. And I’m not a terribly social person so staying in is okay with me. But my reading has really suffered. I’m trying to take lots of walks, so I’m listening to audiobooks more than I’m reading.

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  2. I can sympathise. I’m not in strict self isolation fortunately – keeping away from any social interaction of course but I can still go out walking. If that gets prohibited I think I’m going to get more frustrated….
    I’ve just made a list of projects/activities to keep me occupied. They include doing some free online courses just to keep the brain active. But I’m not reading any more than I would normally


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