This week on the bookish internet

  • GoodReads troll problems are getting worse. (Camestros Felapton)
  • Davis Shariatmadari meditates on untranslatable words. (LitHub)
  • Peter Derk lays out the arguments for and against sensitivity readers. (LitReactor)
  • After reading Sarah Nicolas’ explanation of gaming the system, I don’t think I will ever trust the phrase “New York Times bestseller.” (BookRiot)
  • Becca King shows how one Ohio group of bookish heroes is working hard to bring books to prisoners, and why it’s so important for incarcerated people to read. (Teen Vogue)
  • Karis Rogerson loves her endless to-read list. (LitReactor)
  • Charlotte Higgins recounts the case of Dr. Dirk Obbink, who caused a scandal in the world of ancient papyrus manuscripts and is now in deep, deep trouble. (The Guardian)


    1. There have been all kinds of incidents on GoodReads between readers and authors, for years. It’s why I never converse with people I don’t know on GR. I don’t want to get dragged into trolling.


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