This week on the bookish internet

  • GoodReads troll problems are getting worse. (Camestros Felapton)
  • Davis Shariatmadari meditates on untranslatable words. (LitHub)
  • Peter Derk lays out the arguments for and against sensitivity readers. (LitReactor)
  • After reading Sarah Nicolas’ explanation of gaming the system, I don’t think I will ever trust the phrase “New York Times bestseller.” (BookRiot)
  • Becca King shows how one Ohio group of bookish heroes is working hard to bring books to prisoners, and why it’s so important for incarcerated people to read. (Teen Vogue)
  • Karis Rogerson loves her endless to-read list. (LitReactor)
  • Charlotte Higgins recounts the case of Dr. Dirk Obbink, who caused a scandal in the world of ancient papyrus manuscripts and is now in deep, deep trouble. (The Guardian)

2 thoughts on “This week on the bookish internet

    • There have been all kinds of incidents on GoodReads between readers and authors, for years. It’s why I never converse with people I don’t know on GR. I don’t want to get dragged into trolling.


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