This week on the bookish internet

  • Eric Klinenberg discusses the evolution of public libraries into library/community center/homeless shelter/etc. and their plight to hang onto funding. (LitHub)
  • My favorite linguist John McWhorter’s annoyance at the word emolument inspired him to write about fossil words and whether we should let these words fall out of usage entirely. (The Atlantic)
  • I love Jane Marla Robbins’ story about using a book of her poetry as currency at the DMV. (LA Times)
  • I still have issues with text-mining methodology, but it would be nice to think that we could really glean useful information from centuries of books, as Natasha Frost reports here about recent efforts to find moments of peak happiness. (Quartz)
  • Ed Simon takes us through the history of a family of my favorite literary devices: breaking the fourth wall, authorial intrusions, and other metafictional fun. (The Millions)

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