The Egyptian Antiquities Murder, by Sara Rosett

When I saw that my library had a new Olive Belgrave mystery, I had to snap it up even though I haven’t found a copy of the second book in the series. (This turned out not to be a problem.) I wanted something light and something with a good mystery, after my disappointment with Strong Poison. Although brief, The Egyptian Antiquities Murder by Sara Rosett delivered. Olive continues to eke out a living as a detective for high society in early-1920s London. This time, she’s being paid to look into a death that the police ruled a suicide. Her client, Lady Agnes, is sure that it was murder.

Olive can’t afford to turn down a case. So, even though it looks like there’s nothing to investigate, she takes it on for the paycheck and for a possible favorable recommendation from a member of the aristocracy. Then she discovers something that changes her mind entirely about whether or not Lady Agnes has an actual case for her. The victim’s purported suicide letter doesn’t match the rest of the house’s stationary because it’s been tampered with it. This little clue, like the classic little clues from Golden Age detective fiction, leads Olive to dig into a complex murder mystery at the risk of her growing reputation as a discreet and clever detective.

The Egyptian Antiquities Murder is another perfect outing with Olive. I love this character with her determination to find the truth in the face of mortal and social peril. She’s the perfect character to ride along with as she doesn’t get caught up in the atmosphere of high society, but she’s not shy about her appreciation of the finer things. I also enjoy watching her relationship develop with the very mysterious Jasper, who helps access hard-to-come-by information or the odd spot of perpetrator tackling. There’s nothing I didn’t enjoy about this book, the third in the series.

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