Ghosting Series

I got an email earlier today, from Goodreads, to let me know that a new book in a long-running series that I used to follow. I deleted it. I haven’t read any of the entries in the series for so long that I am hopelessly behind. Since I deleted the email, I’ve been thinking about other series that are still going, but that I don’t read anymore. I used to love these characters and stories so why don’t I read them anymore?

Nicolaas van der Waay
  1. The stories kept pushing the end goal further away. Part of the fun of the Stephanie Plum series was watching the main character wavering between two very sexy men, but watching her dither got old around book 20. That’s when I gave up hope that the protagonist would ever make a decision.
  2. I was tired of seeing the main character being beaten up, as in the Harry Hole series. Also, I don’t believe that someone can keep going after that many injuries.
  3. I didn’t like the direction the stories took, as in the Anita Blake series. I’m not opposed to sex in fiction. What I am opposed to is the complete disappearance of plot or character development so that various combinations of characters can test the limits of their anatomy, with the cherry on top in the form of the author calling her readers prudes for complaining.

On top of all these reasons is one that has become the biggest reasons: there are too many other books that I need and want to read. I just don’t feel like I can be tied down to long series. I can stretch things to a trilogy, if it’s very good, but I wonder if my days of long series are over.

2 thoughts on “Ghosting Series

    • I used to be a huge fan of the Kay Scarpetta series. I remember that there was a book in the series that seemed like a perfect end–but then it kept going. Also, I’ve been thinking about how my tastes in mysteries have changed. I am not a fan of serial killer stories anymore. I much prefer mysteries that are about personal motivations, locked rooms, and that sort of thing.

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