This week on the bookish internet

  • Joanne Sweeny and Terri Leclerq explain why prison officials keep banning books for prisoners. (Salon)
  • Kaoru Akagawa is working on resurrecting kana, the writing system used by Japanese women for centuries. (The Guardian)
  • Tiffani Willis talks about not cleaning out her to-read pile, making me wonder if its harder to weed a to-read pile than an actual pile of books. (Book Riot)
  • Reading Matthew Warren’s report on a study on how fast people can read makes me wonder how fast I read. I’d time myself, but the act of observing my reading pace throws me off my rhythm. #HeisenbergReader (British Psychological Society Research Digest)
  • Alison Flood shares the history of plagiarisms of Charles Dickens, which sound so hilariously nutty that I kind of want to read them. (The Guardian)
  • Julia Carpenter reports on yet another reason why romance writers have it rough: online harassment. (Glamour)
  • You guys! Multispectral imaging to read palimpsests! (Gizmodo)

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