This week on the bookish internet

  • Emily Temple rounds up a bunch of writers and artists writing in praise of Octavia Butler. (LitHub)
  • Sad news. DC Comics is shutting down the brilliant Vertigo Imprint. (io9)
  • Ingrid Rojas Contreras writes about living in two languages and two cultures at the same time—and making them both work. (The Paris Review)
  • M. Sophia Newman gives us the real history of the invention of moveable type—centuries before and thousands of miles away from Johannes Gutenberg. (LitHub)
  • Haroon Janjua reports on the Darra Adam Khel Library, which is located…in the middle of an arms market. (New York Times)
  • Elisabeth Cook writes about an alternative model of book group: a book duo. They are the best! (Book Riot)

3 thoughts on “This week on the bookish internet

    • I’m always fascinated by bilingual and multilingual writers who think a lot about the limits and abilities of their languages. I also confess to being jealous of people who have more than one language. (Need to get back to those Spanish lessons.)

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