This week on the bookish internet

  • It really is true that all our favorites are problematic. This time, word is getting out from black literary scholars that Walt Whitman held racist ideas. (The Daily JSTOR)
  • Alison Flood reports on the removal from Barcelona schools of books deemed to be sexist. (The Guardian)
  • Allison M. Charette shares her experience traveling to Madagascar to meet the author she was in the process of translating and learn more about the world of Malagasy letters. (LitHub)
  • A fresh update on the legal tangle surrounding Kafka’s literary legacy. (The Guardian)
  • Marc Cooper shares Paco Taibo’s efforts to create “una república de lectores“—a republic of readers—in Mexico. (The Nation)
  • Saw Nang and Mike Ives discuss efforts by the Myanmarese government to crack down on thangyat, a traditional annual performance of satirical poetry. (The New York Times)
  • Emily Dickinson is really hard to translate. (The Paris Review)
  • B.D. McClay writes in praise of the thesaurus. (The Outline)

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