A Reader Resolves!

Last year, I decided to skip reading resolutions. The year before, I was going through chemotherapy and had enough on my plate without adding a self-imposed book challenge. But now, at the beginning of 2019, I feel like upping the stakes a little. So, this year, I resolve to:

Stewart Carmichael
  1. Read at least one work of non-fiction every month. This is partly a continuation of a streak of great nonfiction I’ve found in the last few months and also because I suddenly gotten very curious about history lately. I want to see where my curiosity takes me this year.
  2. Read at least six collections of short stories this year. I’ve given short shrift to short stories in the past. (Hee hee.) I seem to have an aversion to stories under a certain length. Either they’re so interesting and richly constructed that I want more or I find that they’re skimpy though experiments that are too unrealistic for me. That said, I don’t think I’ve given the format a fair shot since 99% of what I’ve ever read is novels. Also, I just finished reading a collection by Elizabeth McCracken that I loved and I want more.

Do any of you readers out there have bookish resolutions? I’d love to hear them!

4 thoughts on “A Reader Resolves!

  1. Your resolutions seem reasonable enough! As for me I want to read more from my own shelves and be more selective about the Netgalley books I download (which means practically stay below 20 for the year). I’m pretty bad with keeping bookish resolutions so this is the most I can commit too.

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    • I’ve been feeling like I ought to scale back a bit on my requests from NeyGalley and Edelweiss, too. There have been some great books, but a lot of things that are just kind of forgettable. Also, like you, I have a mountain of books I’ve wanted to read for a while that I don’t feel like I can get to while I’ve got reviews to write before publication dates.

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