This week on the bookish type

  • Josephine Livingstone reports on an amazing exhibit of Old English texts and other rare, ancient books currently on display at the British Library. I am so jealous. (The New Republic)
  • Julie Dobrow reveals what happened to Emily Dickinson’s poems after her death. It appears there was a whole lot of editing. (LitHub)
  • What does it mean when a historical novel based on a true story is published with mistakes? (The New York Times)
  • Students at Oxford University no longer need a teacher’s note to look at “naughty” books at the Bodleian. (CNN)
  • Peter Derk categorizes all the ways an author’s unfinished works have been dealt with after their death. (LitReactor)
  • Eleanor Tremeer argues that we need utopian fiction now. (io9)
  • William Atkins follows in the steps of Charles Dickens and Pip on the Hoo Peninsula. (New York Times)
  • Medieval book carousels! (medievalbooks)

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