This week on the bookish internet

  • Here are two pieces that argue for literary scholars to just read more—read more women’s work, read more than just the established literary canon:
    • Viet Thanh Nguyen argues for a broader canon in this article for The Washington Post.
    • LitHub reprints a short section of Joanna Russ’ How to Suppress Women’s Writing.
  • William Savage wrote a short history of libraries in the eighteenth century. For me, this is like reading about your great-grandparents. (Pen and Pension)
  • Speaking of librarians, Chi Luu explains how the Brothers Grimm came to collect folklore and became linguists. (JSTOR Daily)
  • Even more library goodness: Fiona MacDonald reports on hidden libraries around the world. (BBC)
  • Smithereens took a trip to Alexandre Dumas’ chateau and I am very jealous.

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