This week on the bookish internet

  • Tiffani Willis has reading rituals. (Book Riot)
  • I can never get enough of articles about recovered ancient and medieval texts, like this one involving sixth century writing in a book from 1537 held at Northwestern University. (mental_floss)
  • Nick Mafi rounds up some of the most beautiful university libraries in the world—including some I haven’t seen before. (Architectural Digest)
  • Laura Sackton writes against star-ratings for books. (Book Riot)
  • Read about the bookish life of Carla Hayden, first African American, first woman, and first actual librarian to be Librarian of Congress. (The New York Times)
  • Anna Solomon reflects on women on book covers and what it means when the woman on the cover is not looking wistfully away from the viewer or doesn’t have a head at all. (The Millions)
  • Dystopias are more obviously products of our time, but Danuta Kean writes about the recently emergence of books about empathy and kindness as an antidote for what ails our societies. (The Guardian)

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