This week on the bookish internet

  • Alexander Dickow writers about the extra challenges of translating science fiction. (Asymptote Journal)
  • A sure sign of readers’ love of a book is that librarians and teachers can’t keep it on the shelves because it keeps getting stolen. (Book Riot)
  • Natasha Pulley argues that fantasy has a place in historical fiction. (Waterstones)
  • S.W. Sondheimer has some serious questions about what to do when you read a book in a series you love and it just isn’t that good. (Book Riot)
  • Fans of Book Riot created some brilliant book spine poetry for #RiotGrams.
  • Angie Miller “confesses” that she does everything wrong as a school librarian, but all I see is a kind librarian helping her readers. (Knowledge Quest)
  • Susan Harlan contemplates the meaning of book stacks versus bookshelves, organization schemes, and why people get so uptight about other people’s libraries. (LitHub)

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