This week on the bookish internet

  • I’ve seen calls for help transcribing old documents before, but this one is probably the best project ever. The Newberry Library in Chicago needs help transcribing books about witchcraft and sorcery. (Chicagoist)
  • There is a prize for oddest book title and the early nominees for 2017 are in! (The Guardian)
  • This recent law passed in Florida—which allows any resident to ask for school science and library materials to be removed—hurts my heart. (BoingBoing)
  • “Professional Reader” Angela has some sage advice for dealing with book slumps. (That’s Normal)
  • I completely understand Adiba Jaigirdar’s failed attempts at book clubbing as an English major. (Book Riot)
  • While this post is ostensibly about what the author delightfully dubs arranged book marriages, a lot of this post is about how parents can kill their children’s love of reading. (The Loudest Librarian)
  • Staff from LitHub polled 50 writers from 30 countries about which titles were “quintessential American fiction.”

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