This fortnight on the bookish internet

  • The folks at LitHub have rounded up some of the Library of Congress’ treasures for a special National Library Week post.
  • Peter Clark reports on how Syrian refugees are taking time to save books. (Moby Lives)
  • Adam Cozary makes delightfully zany GIFs with medieval illuminations. (TechCrunch)
  • Chloe Farand writes about the last librarian of Mosul. (The Independent)
  • Romeo Rosales writes about one of the American Library Association’s more adventurous moments: when they went to war. (Book Riot)
  • Matt Grant discusses the vexed question of supporting independent bookstores. (Book Riot)
  • A time capsule linked to Jules Verne has been found in southern France. (Digital Reader)
  • Like all readers, John Sherman understands that shelving books involves a lot more than the alphabet. (LitHub)
  • Reader Marianne has some advice for coping with your problematic favorites. (Boricuan Bookworms)

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