This fortnight on the bookish internet

  • You shouldn’t burn books for so many reasons, but here’s another reason if you needed it: you might accidentally burn your house down. (CNN: Be warned that a video plays on page load.)
  • Barbara Dee was told not to talk about her book at an author talk to sixth graders for fear of parental backlash. (Nerdy Book Club)
  • I’ve just added another place to my bucket list: the doomsday library in Svalbard. (Huffington Post)
  • This 400-year-old book is made of feathers! (Atlas Obscura)
  • Matthew Kirschenbaum takes a deep dive into the dark, bewildering world of illegal book downloads. (Public Books)
  • Elizabeth Allen explains the five stages of having overdue library books. With GIFs. (Book Riot)
  • Hannah Smothers writes about yet another book removed from the curriculum because of parental complaints. The target this time is a sweet book about a boy who wears a dress. (Cosmopolitan)
  • Emily Temple does sterling work rounding up the weird and amazing origins of classics. (LitHub)

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  1. Love the article from Lit Hub – fascinating stories – especially all the broken ankles. It would be bliss to have six weeks to do nothing but read and write, but I could seriously do without the broken ankle! I reckon these writers maybe had enough inspiration/talent to have written the book come what may….or maybe not?!

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