This week on the bookish internet

  • Thomas Schiff traveled around the world to take beautiful panoramic photos of libraries. (The Guardian)
  • Sean Braswell wonders if von Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther might be the deadliest book ever written. (ZY)
  • Lyndsay Faye’s article suggests that the difference between pastiche and fan fiction is a lot like the difference between pornography and erotica. (It’s pastiche or erotica if read it, otherwise it’s fan fiction or pornography.) (LitHub)
  • Lorraine Berry remembers when she met a man who doesn’t read books by women. (Signature)
  • Political Corner
    • Ashley Bowen-Murphy discusses what might happen to our bookish world if we don’t fight for the NEA and the NEHthe NEA and the NEH. (Book Riot)
    • Even if he weren’t one of my favorite authors, I would love Neil Gaiman for his defence of libraries. (The Guardian)
    • Please consider signing this Every Library letter to support PBS, NEA, NEH, and IMLS (the museum and libraries fund) to your Congressional representatives. (Every Library)