This week on the bookish internet

After weeks of reruns and not-terribly-interesting content on the bookish internet, “This Week on the Bookish Internet” returns!

  • A couple of Florida librarians gamed their automated weeding software to save books. (Boing Boing)
    • The Annoyed Librarian provides a non-media perspective on this mishegoss. (Library Journal Blogs)
  • Emma Nichols has some excellent advice about moving your book hoard. (Book Riot)
  • Hannah Kingsley-Ma keeps a log of people who visit her bookstore. Madeleine Gobbo illustrated them. (LitHub)
    • If Kingsley-Ma is to twee, here’s an antidote: a curmudgeonly Yorkshire bookseller who charges people to even enter the store. (The Guardian)
  • Theresa Preston failed her Goodreads challenge and she’s okay with it. (Book Riot)
  • Virginia legislators are attempting to pass a bill that requires that parents be notified of “sexually explicit” content in their kid’s books. (The Guardian)

And, if you’re curious, here’s what my bookish 2016 looked like at Goodreads.


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