This fortnight on the bookish internet

I didn’t feel like posting a round-up of bookish links last week because of the election. So, here’s me catching up.

  • D.J. Taylor discusses the history of tone in book reviews and how the “hatchet job” goes in and out of fashion. (The New Statesman)
  • Joan Bertin and Millie Davis asked teens what banned books have meant to them and helped them. This compilation of quotations is powerful evidence of why we need difficult books: they help us grow up. (Boing Boing)
  • Have you ever heard of beta readers? Priya Sridhar explains this important, but rarely discussed, stage of book writing. (Book Riot)
  • Alaina Leary ponders disability in literature: how we get it wrong, how publishing gets it wrong, and how to improve. (The Establishment)
  • Amanda Diehl explains how becoming a regular library user helps her cope with her workaholic tendencies. I love a good “How I discovered the library” story. (Book Riot)

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