This week on the bookish internet

  • In one of the better pieces I’ve seen on the Marlowe/Shakespeare collaboration theory, Constance Grady points out a few important things and basically asks all the academic bookish people to chill the hell out. (Vox)
    • Since I’ve had Shakespeare on the brain most of this year due to the Hogarth Shakespeare series, seeing the First Folio in person, and the Marlowe/Shakespeare thing, it seems fitting to share Teresa Preston’s ideas for more Shakespeare adaptations by contemporary authors. (Book Riot)
  • Josh Corman discusses how reading books can completely change his perspective on events that he thought he understood. (Book Riot)
  • James McWilliams mulls over the curious idea of bibliotherapy. (I know I post a lot about this idea, but I continue to be fascinated by the idea of books that can help heal us.) (The Millions)
  • Sarah Domet shares her thoughts on being an outsider and the American literary quest to capture people and places. (LitHub)

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