The DNF Doldrums

My radio silence this weekend is due to to things. First, I had a bad bout of sinusitis (which turned me into the person at the library I hate who is making awful bronchial noises). Second, I tried repeatedly to get into a book that I found intriguing but just couldn’t get into. I don’t know about the rest of you readers, but trying to get into a book when you don’t feel very well is the pits.

Alan Foster

I’ve had streaks in the past where I didn’t finish several books in a row, which throws me into a complete funk. I end up wondering if I’ll ever get back in the groove again. Nothing in my to-read pile seems to appeal. (Sometimes it gets to the point that I have to go reread Terry Pratchett or some other favorite until the doldrums dissipate.) Am I being too hard on these books because I’m not in the mood? Am I tired of a particular genre and need to read something completely different? Am I pressuring myself to read too much too fast? Am I overthinking the whole thing? (Yes.)

I think I’m over the funk now. Reading a quick juicy thriller helped a lot. Getting over the sinusitis has definitely helped; my eyes don’t burn when I try to read a page. I have no idea what I’m going to read next at this point, but I’m feeling more optimistic that I’ll be able to escape between the covers when I do find something to read.


One thought on “The DNF Doldrums

  1. Sorry to hear about the sinusitis, I hope you do feel better now! Do not worry about the DNF ones, maybe you’ll try them again later when the mood strikes (if…). Sometimes switching genres and going to an easy read is all you need to change the reading mood.


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