This week on the bookish internet

  • Between the late 1880s and his death, Dr. Orville Ward Owen searched for the “real” author of Shakespeare’s plays. At one point, he grew so obsessed that he build a cipher wheel to decode Shakespeare’s plays. (mental_floss)
  • Rachel Hennessy shares how she lost and regained her faith in the power of literature to make a difference. (LitHub)
  • Yiyun Li shares some of her bookish memories from childhood. I know these many of these feels! (Granta)
  • Zoe Dickinson, unlike most readers, does not hoard books like a book dragon. Too many moves. Instead, her shelves are full of books that are “old friends.” (Book Riot)
  • Paul Ringel argues (rightly, I think) that banning books does children no favors. “Protecting” children from “inappropriate” books is misguided and potentially damaging. (The Atlantic)

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