This week on the bookish internet

  • These stories explain why bibliophiles are so reluctant to lend their books. (Book Riot)
  • Jonathan Sturgeon explores the “Imperial Self” in American literary fiction, which I think helps explain why so much recent lit-fic is so tone deaf about, well, everything. (LitHub)
  • Good Housekeeping rounded up the best-selling novels from 1930 on so that we can see which book was a hit the year we were born. (Mine is Cujo. Go ahead and make your jokes.)
  • I will never get tired of prescriptivists getting smacked down by people who know better about language. (Buzzfeed)
  • Elizabeth Vail has written the best take down of the “talking to women wearing headphones” article I’ve seen yet. Enjoy this guide to talking to women reading romance novels. (Heroes and Heartbreakers)

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