Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d, by Alan Bradley

In Alan Bradley’s Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d, Flavia de Luce, chemistry genius and amateur detective, has returned to her ancestral home in England from the wilds of Canada. And yet, it doesn’t feel like she’s come home. Things are not right. Her father is in the hospital. Her sister has broken up with her fiancé. Everyone is preoccupied. Looking for something to do, Flavia volunteers to run an errand for a friend and stumbles upon a dead body. The discovery of a man hung upside down in an upstairs room perks Flavia up no end and she dives right into her own investigation.

The upside down man was called Roger Sambridge. He was a gifted woodcarver, but very much kept to himself. There are few clues in his house to tell Flavia who he is, let alone who might have killed him. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the multiple collections of children’s books by a well-known author. Why would a reclusive woodcarver with no family have so many copies of these books? Because she really can’t help herself, Flavia starts asking questions and poking her nose into other people’s business.

Over the course of eight books, Flavia has grown more adept in her investigations, especially in getting information about people. It hilarious to listen to Flavia’s commentary about the people around her because she’s just a little out of step with the mores of her time and with people’s expectations. She remains a little childish—especially when the actual authorities fail to congratulate her for her discoveries, the ingrates. This series continues to delight.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review consideration. It will be released 20 September 2016.


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