This week on the bookish internet

  • Hong Kong’s censorship saga has a new chapter. This week’s Hong Kong Book Fair ended with the government seizure of over 1,000 books. (Moby Lives)
  • We live in a fallen age of book reviewing. According to J.H. Pearl, “For one review, in 1760, Smollett was convicted of seditious libel, fined £100, and sentence to three months in prison.” (The Millions)
  • Claire Cock-Starkey lets us know where to see 10 of the oldest books in the world. (mental floss)
  • Nell Beram has important advice for learning to read and walk at the same time. (The Awl)
  • Lori Jakiela shares her memories of her worst book-signing ever. (LitHub)
    • Pair with: Peter Damien explaining why he doesn’t talk to authors at signing events. (Book Riot)
  • This week in warm, bookish fuzzies: a California writer sent out a call for help after a decade of budget cuts ruined a school library. People from around the world have already sent in more than 15,000 books. (ABC 10)

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