This week on the bookish internet

  • Everything seemed to go wrong for Suki Kim after her publishers labeled her nonfiction book as a memoir. (New Republic)
    • Pair with this post about the vitriol directed at Bronwen Dickey after she published a book in defense of the pit bull. (LitHub)
  • I’m used to reading a lot of books no one else has read, but Chelsea Hensley read a lot of things no one except the author would probably ever read while she was working through a literary journal slush pile. (Book Riot)
  • Aaron Bady ponders the complicated politics of the Caine Prize for African Writing. (LitHub)
  • I thought being a reference librarian was my dream job, but being a live-in library superintendent for a library like the New York Public Library’s Schwartzman Branch might be even better. (6sqft)
  • Edwin Turner keeps returning to these five books, even though he’ll probably never finish them. I think all readers a have a few books that are their Everest. (Biblioklept)

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