This week on the bookish internet

  • Joshua Keep writes a heartfelt plea to keep Canadian libraries open. (The Newfoundland and Labrador Independent)
  • Iona Sharma talks decolonization, shame, and learning languages (Gaelic and Hindi). (The Toast)
  • I love learning more about vulgarity in Shakespeare. I always known I’ve missed puns and curses because of linguistic evolution. So I thank folks like John Kelly, who wrote this exploration of King Lear and the titular character’s misogyny, among other posts. (Strong Language)
  • Kaulie Lewis reflects on the terrible jealousy she has felt for other authors’ work. (The Millions)
  • Why do so many people try to reinvent the library? Nat Hoffelder writes about a new venture to create a subscription library. (The Digital Reader)
  • Rachel Acks writes an open letter to the book she expected to love, but didn’t. I completely sympathize. (Book Riot)

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