This week on the bookish internet

  • So, it turns out that the publisher is having a hard time giving away the money they’ve made from the new edition of Mein Kampf. (Boston Globe)
  • Jamshid Tehrani and his colleagues adapted biological statistics to track the “DNA” of fairy tales. They report that some stories have been with us for 6,000 years. (Science)
  • Jennifer Miller’s article for The New York Times, “Men Have Book Clubs, Too,” has been causing serious eyerolling around the bookish internet his week:
    • On Wired, Charley Locke rounded up some of the best responses to the #ManlyBookClubNames twitter thread.
    • Julia Fleischaker snarks a bit on the Melville House Blog about the rules of and justifications for men-only book clubs.
    • L.V. Anderson, of Slate, wrote the only defense of the man-only book club I’ve seen yet.
  • I think Chuck Tingle just won the internet with his response to the Sad/Rabid Puppies after one of his weird erotica stories appears on their slate for the Hugo Awards. (BoingBoing)
  • Sarah Gulick has written an extremely useful guide to help identify if we are in an E.M. Forster novel. (The Toast)

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