Bookish dreams

My dreams are usually inspired by whatever I’ve read or watched right before I go to sleep. Every now and then, I’ll have a week where I spend a lot of extra time at work. In those weeks, I’m almost guaranteed to have a book dream.

Here are two of the best dreams I can remember:

The Archive Dream. I don’t know how I got there, but I dreamed I was in a messy archive. Nothing was in order and nothing was stored right. I found amazing historical documents about the monarchs of England. It was up to me to fix it. I even remember that I started to wake up but fought it off so that I could stay and clean up.

The Living Library Dream. This one was so good I wrote down some notes about it in case I wanted to turn it into a Nanowrimo story. This library was old, medieval-looking, probably inspired by pictures of Oxford and Cambridge’s libraries on tumblr. The library was also clean and well-organized, but no one could find anything without a librarian’s help because the books would migrate around the stacks when no one was looking. A librarian, however, would always put their hands on just the right book for the patron.

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