Book Blogger Appreciation Week: It’s All His/Her Fault

I honestly can’t recall a specific book that I read because another book blogger recommended it. This isn’t to say that the books recommended by bloggers I read aren’t interesting. The real problem is that I read book reviews from so many sources I usually can’t remember where I first learned about a particular book or which review led me to put the title on my to-read list (pile). I read book blogs for other reasons.

First, I like to read reviews of books I don’t actually plan to read. Because I buy fiction for my library I have to be sure the shelves don’t reflect just my own taste in books. Book bloggers are vital to me because keeping tabs on the world of literature is impossible without their help.

Second, I read reviews of books I’ve already read, especially books I had a strong reaction to. If I hated a book, I worry that I missed something. If I loved a book, I get warm fuzzies seeing other readers enjoying it.

Because the real purpose of today’s prompt seems to be helping spread the word about our favorite book bloggers, I want to give a shout-out to Wuthering ExpectationsSmart Bitches, Trashy Books; Lonesome Reader; and Franzen Comes Alive.


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