Bookish voices

When I’m not working at my library, reading books, or sleeping, I fill the bookish void by listening to literary podcasts. In the last week or so, I’ve discovered two new, very entertaining bookish podcasts:

All the Books

All the Books is the podcast I’ve been waiting for. Liberty Hardy and Rebecca Schinsky of Book Riot host a weekly podcast about the books that have come out that week. Liberty has a reputation among book rioters and site fans for reading more books than any human alive. Both she and Rebecca are hugely enthusiastic about books. They might mention a few big titles on the show, but both Liberty and Rebecca make a point of talking about books that might be flying under the radar.

I kind of want to be their friends in real life.

Reading the End

Whiskey Jenny and Gin Jenny host this weekly podcast about books and literature. The first half of the show usually features a discussion about a genre or a question before the ladies dive into the book they both read that week. The Jennies are delightfully silly and title drop books throughout each episode. Silliness is an underrated virtue and when you pair silliness with books, I’m completely hooked.

Tea or Books?

Tea or Books? is a brand new podcast hosted by Simon of Stuck in a Book and Rachel of Book Snob. The British accents are just the icing on the cake for me with this podcast. Simon and Rachel also begin with a question and end with an in-depth discussion of a book or pair of books, but their premise is to set up would-you-rather choices. Rachel teaches English at what I think is high school level somewhere in England and is particularly thoughtful and insightful about literature.


    1. What are your favorites, smithereens? I’m always on the lookout for new history, literary, and weird science and medicine podcasts (like Caustic Soda and Sawbones).


      1. These days I’m binge-listening Lore and Undisclosed, the follow-up of Serial (minus Sarah Koenig’s storytelling). Otherwise I’m into classics like This American Life, Radiolab. Also family programs like Spawned are fun.


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