Running the numbers; Or, challenge accepted

Agnes Boulloche

Agnes Boulloche

Last year*, I read 216 books. I’m sitting at 153 books read right now, meaning I have at least 63 books left to read to meet last year’s record. There are just under 13 weeks left to read those 63 books. (Or 64, to do at least one better than last year.) I need to average at least four books a week to make it.

Challenge accepted.

I got the urge to run the numbers because I’ve seen so many of the people I follow on the bookish Internet checking in with their own book challenges. Some of them are working on the “Century of Books” challenge** (Fleur in Her WorldThe Captive Reader, Stuck in a Book, for example) or just a Goodreads challenge to read a given number of books in 2015. June must be the month for stock-taking.

I’ve never felt the urge to take on one of those challenges, oddly enough. The only challenge I’m interested in is bettering the number of books I’ve read year after year. I feel like I’m about to hit a ceiling on how many I can actually read in twelve months; I do have to work and sleep and eat, after all. (Unless I get my ultimate dream job of being paid to read full-time.)

* I started my book blog at the end of August/beginning of September, so that’s how I count my “book year.” It’s like I’m on the Jewish calendar.
** Reading a book for every year in a selected 100 year span.


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