Reader Resolutions, Year II


Leslie Prince Thompson

Last year, I made a set of resolutions for my reading life—since I know I would never be able to keep any resolutions about exercise, being more social, etc. I planned to whittle down my to-read list, read a classic novel (pre-1950) every month, and be better about keeping up my reading journal.

I mostly got there. I was doing pretty good until November, when I tried to read The Turn of the Screw. Other than that, I did manage to read a pre-1950 novel or novella every month in 2014. I did resurrect my reading journal (which has gotten more useful lately). But for every book I took off the to-read list, another one (or two) went back on. ::sigh::

I’ve been thinking about these resolutions for a while. I think I can stick to them for a year.

  1. Keep reading a classic a month. There are so many books I missed while I was an undergraduate. Even with all the new books coming out every week, it’s important to look back at books with true staying power.
  2. Re-read a book I already own once a month. While I was listening to Good Omens, I developed a strong urge to re-read the book. It’s been a while. Also, over the break, I visited a bookstore and found a few more titles to add to my library. When I returned home, I had to shuffle things around to make room for them. My shelves are packed with great reads; it would be a pity to let them languish. So, more re-reading in 2015.

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