More bookish podcasts

This year, I have indulged my interest in all things bookish by seeking out entertaining book podcasts. Here are three new podcasts I’ve recently started to follow and recommend to other fans of the book.

Dead Authors Podcast

In this podcast, time-traveling science fiction pioneer H.G. Wells (as played by Paul F. Tompkins) interviews a literary giant from the past (played by comedians and improv players, for the most part). The interviews are uproariously inappropriate, but show good research as “Wells” probes his guests about their early lives or themes. The actors arrive in costume. (Some bring their own drink. A lot of writers were drinkers.) The trick, I imagine, is trying not to break character.

Some of my favorite shows featured Ralph Ellison, Tennessee Williams, and Ayn Rand.


Andrew and Craig (whose surnames I do not know) have been catching up on the books they should have read by now since 2013. Every week, one of them reads a book and the other asks questions about it. Inevitably, they crack each other up—which always makes me laugh, because I think it’s hilarious when guys giggle. Unlike the other podcasts in this roundup, Overdue is a podcast by and for readers. Andrew and Craig are not professional book critics. Their response to books is honest and unpretentious.

You can hear me (me!) get a shout out at the end of Episode 77.

Tea and Jeopardy

“There’s always time for a nice cup of tea and a spot of mild peril…”

I just discovered this one, so I’m still listening to the archive. I found this one because I’m a huge fan of N.K. Jemisin—to the point that I’ve been stalking following her on Twitter. In Tea and Jeopardy, Emma Newman travels through space in her tea lair and interviews fantasy and science fiction authors. It’s silly and wonderful at the same time. (Silliness is underappreciated.) Ms. Newman has interviewed some of my favorite authors, including Mary Robinette Kowal, Lauren Beukes, and Paul Cornell,


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