Unlucky streak

Three of the last four books I’ve started to read were let downs. One of them was so bad that I couldn’t get past the third chapter. It’s so discouraging to fall into a streak of bad reads, especially after reading so many good books over the past two years.


Usually when this happens, I go back to a palate cleanser book. An old favorite gets the bad taste out of my head. This time I had the second book in Laini Taylor’s trilogy, Days of Blood and Starlight to read. Even though the series strongly reminds me of Saga, it’s still so much better than the other books I’ve been reading.

The problem with one of the books I read, The Denouncer, was that the book couldn’t seem to decide who it was about. The problem with the other, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, I think, was that the author was too interested in being clever to fulfill the promise of the premise. I needed something to restore my faith in fiction after reading those two back to back. Ugh.


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