Reading dirty; Or, My Amazon recommendations are all kinds of screwed up now

On last week’s BooRiot podcast, Rebecca Schinsky owned up in the segment on Amazon’s acquisition of ComiXology to not only reading Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals but actually liking it, even recommending it to other readers. The series had been popping up on my Amazon recommendations ever since I bought the first three volumes of Saga (which I loved). I don’t trust my recommendations most of time because it’s clear the Amazon algorithm has no idea what I like anyway. The way Schinsky talked about the book made me curious. The first issue was only .99¢, so what the hell, right? Readers, I devoured that book and immediately bought and downloaded the next five issues and stayed up until 1:00 in the morning reading them.

No matter what they’re actually reading, a lot of people who
read in public look surprisingly furtive about it.

Now, I’m a bit terrified that someone (worse, a relative) will idly pick up my iPad and flip through my Kindle Library and see my most recent acquisitions.

So, of course, I’m telling the whole Internet about it now.

I don’t read romance, but there’s still a chance that I will run across a sex scene in the other genre titles I read. I’m glad I read mostly at home because when I used to read more in public, while waiting for a class to start or for a bus to arrive, I would immediately become hyper-aware of what my face was doing and suffer from almost terminal blushing. I’m almost 33 years old, but every now and then, when I read about sex, I feel like a teenager when my friend told me I had to read certain pages from Melanie Rawn’s The Dragon Prince. By the end of the semester, my friend had passed the book around so much that it had a permanent crack in the spine at that part.

It’s so hard not to feel like a pervert when you run across a sex scene in a book. I shouldn’t, but I do. And now, my Amazon recommendations are all messed up. Amazon’s algorithm has me pegged as a perv now, damn it.


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