All things must pass

Last night, I read the last Sookie Stackhouse novel (review forthcoming), Dead Ever After. Before I started, I hopped onto GoodReads to update my currently reading list. Once there, I noticed that a lot of people had already rated the book with one star. They’re not the greatest, best written books around, but I’ve enjoyed the series. (The books are a lot better than the TV series.) Then I found this article on the Wall Street Journal: “How to Kill a Vampire (Series).” It appears than one star reviews are the least of it. Readers have threatened the author, Charlaine Harris. A few have even threatened self-harm over the series ending. I knew that people weren’t going to be happy about the end of the series, but I had no idea how far fans would take it. (I should know better. I’ve spent time on the Internet.)

In the dedication to the book, Harris wrote:

This book is dedicated to the loyal readers who have followed this series from beginning to end…There isn’t a way I could make all of you happy with the ending of the series, so I’ve followed my own plan, the one I’ve had all along, and I hope you agree that it’s fitting. (v)

I’m glad she did. I appear to be one of the few who liked the book, although I don’t know how many of those one star reviewers actually read the book.

Dead Ever After is the second series ender I’ve read this week. I also read Necessary Evil, by Ian Tregillis–the last book in a trilogy. It was a rare experience. There are so many series, especially mystery series, that just go on forever. They go on even after the author is bored of them and the quality starts to suffer. I admire an author who decides to end a winning series before it gets to that point. (It’s one of the many reasons I like Brandon Sanderson.) No matter how much I might miss the characters or the stories, I would rather an author move on to something new before the series suffers.


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