Eyes to See, by Joseph Nassise

10836790I dipped my feet back into the contemporary fantasy waters by reading Joseph Nassise’s Eyes to See, the first book in the Jeremiah Hunt series. After reading so many classics and so much literary fiction, Eyes to See was pure fun to read.

Hunt works as a reluctant exorcist to fund his search for his missing daughter. We meet him five years after she disappeared, after he sacrificed his normal sight to try and get her back, and the years have not been kind. Since the disappearance has stalled, Hunt makes some money consulting for the police. They call him in to help them with a gruesome, but puzzling murder–which turns into a series of murders that goes back a lot farther than anyone could have seen.

Nassise does have a problem with over-explaining, but I enjoyed learning about the world that he created. There are all kinds of creatures roaming around: vampires and berserkers and witches and angels and more. In a crowded genre, I really appreciate it when an author is original. There are no sparkly vampires and the leads don’t immediately jump into bed with each other. And the plot twists and turns, making it hard to predict the ending before the author gets there.

I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the next book in the series.


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