The Crippled Angel, by Sara Douglass

232032Finished! The Crippled Angel is the conclusion to Sara Douglass’s trilogy about angels and demons and the Hundred Years’ War. In this book, time gets even more compressed and Henry IV ends up leading the English at Harfleur and Agincourt. (If you remember your history (or your Shakespeare), you’ll know that Henry V was there, not his dad.) At any rate, all the machinations and plots and prophecies come to fruition in this book. It was a rather satisfying ending, thought I could see Mary Bohun’s role for miles off (or pages off) before it actually happened.

Not too much to say about this series that I haven’t already said in the entries for The Nameless Day and The Wounded Hawk. I do recommend this series for people who like seeing the supernatural blended with reality and/or history. This was a very interesting book, and I really liked what Douglass had to say about the role of the medieval Catholic Church, Christianity, feudalism, and gender roles.