The Physician’s Tale, by Ann Benson

242302I’ve finished the series (as far as it’s written), and about all I have to say about the series is, “Huh.” Even though I finished all three books, I feel pretty underwhelmed. This last book, The Physician’s Tale, finishes up all the loose ends from the previous books. Kate reunites with her son and adopted father. Janie and her family built a new life in a decimated former United States. I get the feeling, though, that Benson is setting the stage for future books.

Unfortunately, the excellent plot mirroring Benson set up in The Plague Tales is almost completely gone now. And that was one of the things I really enjoyed about this series. Plus, it seems to me that Benson is squandering her set ups. As I’ve said before, Benson sets up a lot of fascinating catastrophes that almost never happen. And, now that I know that, it’s hard to get worked up about anything.

I think that if Benson writes another book in this series, I might just let it go without reading it.


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