House of Leaves again

Even though I never managed to finish House of Leaves, I am still fascinated by this novel. I’ve never seen a book before that managed to actually exploit its textuality. Any way, the Table of Malcontents post I saw today really sums up what it’s like to read HOL:

If you haven’t read House of Leaves, the plot is complicated to describe, as it is tiered through multiple narrators of varying degrees of sanity in the form of an endless, nearly stream-of-conscious series of clippings, manuscripts and footnotes.

It’s not really the plot that keeps this novel going–though that’s pretty interesting, too. It’s trying to figure out what’s really going on and how sane the characters really are.

The Table of Malcontents post also has a great image of one of the pages, demonstrating how hard this sucker is to get through.

Via Blog of a Bookslut.

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